The first step is to understand what the client’s goals are and what he wishes to achieve. A comprehensive approach based on a long-term, one-to-one relationship enables us to create a personal wealth strategy.

Our specialized team provides a wide range of services:

I. Wealth Management

Portfolio Management

We offer a fully managed discretionary portfolio management service, where we build and supervise a personalized portfolio on behalf of the client.

For clients who wish to retain control over their investment decisions, we offer the advisory solution treated with the same level of insight and recommendations.

Depending on the clients’ needs, risk profiles and objectives, we offer investment solutions that cover a broad range of assets and markets.

Private Label Funds

We guide and assist clients in the set-up of a tailor-made private label fund. This form of investment offers the opportunity to access the capital market as a single investor or with selected partners to realize a unique investment idea. Assets may be managed on a consolidated basis. Risk management and transparency are improved.

Financial accounting

We provide meaningful financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner.

The service includes:
• general ledger & financial statement preparation
• bookkeeping (monthly/quarterly/annually)

Investment controlling

Investment controlling plays a key role in ensuring sustainable success. We supervise the client’s third party asset manager or bank as a dual control. Furthermore, we provide customized investment controlling reports such as the consolidation of multiple bank relationship reports into one clear breakdown of the key data. According to the clients wish, these are delivered monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

II. Wealth Planning

Family Office Services

Family offices are unique and individual as their owners. The family office acts as “centre” of the entire wealth structure and as a coordinator for family and business structures over generations.

We advise clients on their succession planning, tax planning, relocation, corporate and real estate activities together with external independent specialists.

Estate planning

Estate planning forms part of a broader defined wealth planning concept. We advise our clients how to preserve and optimize their assets and seek the best solutions for each individual case to ensure the proper transfer of their estate to the next generation.

Concierge Services

Our goal is to make clients’ life easier when moving to Switzerland. We assist them in all aspects of their immigration such as property search, arranging appointments at local schools, proper insurance coverage and familiarization with local peculiarities.

Formation, administration of Swiss and offshore structures

We establish and administer trusts, foundations and companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Life Insurance – Pension solutions

We assist clients in finding the optimal insurance solutions. In view of the increasing life expectancy the financial security for the third decade gains in importance. We provide consulting and planning services which allow an optimally balanced solution taking into account the personal situation.

Provision of domiciliary services, directorships and trusteeships

We provide directors and trustees across a range of jurisdictions.

Charitable solutions

Switzerland has a long tradition in philanthropy and humanitarian assistance.
We assist clients in setting up charitable solutions. We advise them how to best implement their philanthropic ideas.
We provide assistance in achieving tax exemption and the establishment of a governance system to ensure the correct operation of the charity for decades.