Switzerland is a small country in the centre of Europe. To compensate the lack of natural resources apart from water, the Swiss had to distinguish themselves through diligence, professionalism and reliability in order to succeed.

Switzerland offers investors a stable and attractive currency – the Swiss Franc. The Swiss financial center is the world leader in cross-border managed assets. The financial sector is a mainstay of the Swiss economy.

Its highly developed service sector makes Switzerland one of the most competitive economies in the world. Switzerland owes its economic success to its strong external linkages and international networking with a large number of free trade agreements. In addition the liberal labor market and a low unemployment rate contribute to a solid basis. Switzerland is also characterized by an above-average capacity for innovations and research institutions which are among the best in the world.

As a result of its neutrality in foreign policy, Switzerland enjoys peace, economic and political stability. Further distinctive features are the linguistic and cultural plurality, the extraordinary know-how, an efficient infrastructure and a dense and reliable rail and road network. Switzerland is also characterized by a high quality health care as well as an excellent school system.

In view of the above-mentioned values and strengths, Switzerland provides an excellent quality of life and the ideal framework for business to thrive and prosper.