Founded in 1978 as a family owned business, Baltrag, domiciled in Basel, Switzerland, is a legally and financially independent asset management and fiduciary boutique serving clients around the world. The company is debt-free and 100% self-financed.

With a dedicated and competent team of specialists, we create innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial solutions for all asset sizes, from small to significant. The company’s success is defined by our ability and understanding to accomplish client goals, the core of our efforts and expertise. Our utmost target is to achieve the best possible result from risk, return and liquidity.

We are a member of the self-regulatory organization Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), which is of officially recognized, regulated and supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), and the Industry Organization for Asset Managers (BOVV).

The statutory auditor of Baltrag is the audit company Testor Treuhand AG, Basel.